Databases and tools portfolio

ReMap 2018

We recently updated ReMap (2018) by integrating a lot more data than in ReMap v1. We propose the largest regulatory catalogue of 80 million transcription factor binding peaks from 485 transcription factors (TFs) and across 2,829 data sets. Among those factors 125 TFs are common between Public sources and Encode, 206 TFs are Public specific and 154 Encode specific.

ReMap 2015 (archive)

In the NAR 2015 release of ReMap we proposed an extensive regulatory catalogue of 8 million transcription factor binding sites from 237 transcription factors (TFs). Among those factors 50 TFs were common with Encode, 82 TFs are Public specific and 105 Encode specific.


In development

To facilitate the interpretation of functional genomics, epigenomics and genomics data we have developed a R-software package called ‘Roken’ to identify significantly enriched regions from user defined catalogues.